Yamaha Banshee 2006 Blue Fender Replica Decals

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Yamaha Banshee 2006 Blue Fender Replica Decals

Yamaha Banshee 2006 Blue Fender Replica Decals

Vinyl Options


Extremely high quality 153 micron flexible white polymeric, backed with a highly aggressive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system, specifically engineered for motocross bikes and ATVs.  Same films used by the factory teams Monster
Energy Kawasaki & Star Racing Yamaha.


Eye-catching rainbow-like color spectrum that shifts and changes with the viewing angle. This effect is created by the diffraction of light, making it extremely vibrant and dynamic, perfect for a unique look.


Reflects light through the presence of tiny glass prisms embedded in the material, which bounce back light to its source. Perfect for night riders.

Silver Chrome

This high-quality decal combines an impressive Silver Chrome shine with durability. Make your motorcycle a standout masterpiece with easy application and unmatched style.

Lamination Options


80 micron thickness

A high-gloss finish that enhances color depth and brightness, creating an eye-catching appeal, with a smooth finish.


80 micron thickness

The soft, muted texture of matte not only avoids glare but also brings a touch of class to any design.

extreme thickness

381 micron thickness

Market leading graphics for Motocross Bikes and ATVs. Demanding industrial applications that require additional impact/abrasion resistance.

Frosted over laminate

635 micron thickness

A heavily textured surface for ultimate dry and wet traction, additional grip to motocross graphics and a Frosted look. The durable finish resists scratching and abrasion and withstands the harshest environments.

our production process

Printer & Inks

Top of the line digital printer with a bigger color range than traditional CYMK Printers. Original Inks with extreme vibrancy as well as a GreenGuard GoldCertificate. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Lamination Process

Laminated decals offer enhanced durability and protection against environmental factors like UV rays, scratches, and moisture, ensuring longer-lasting color and quality. Their robustness and ease of cleaning make them a more cost-effective and visually appealing choice for motorcycle decals.

Cutting the stickers

By combining advanced machinery with up-to-date templates, we can confidently deliver products that meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality, ensuring a perfect fit every time.



Our ergonomic cardboard envelope packaging is specifically designed to protect the decals, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition, safeguarded against bends, creases and moisture during shipping. All order come with a FREE Squeegee tool to assist in the application of the graphics.


Dhl express shipping

All orders are fulfilled with DHL Express Shipping, the best shipping service, ensuring your items are delivered swiftly and securely in your hands and not at the post office. Estimated Delivery time for any destination world wide is 5-7 days from the day of delivery.

Custom orders

For any custom ideas for a design you have, let us know, From simple color changes to excising sets or your own unique design. Replication of already excising decals can also be done by providing measurements and pictures.

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*These decals are custom and not genuine **The use of a logo without permission from its copyright & trademark owner is at your own risk

Original Colors

Vinyl Options

Glossy Finish, Matte Finish, Reflective Vinyl, Holographic Vinyl

Vinyl Thickness

Standard Lamination, Extra Thick Lamination